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to most people. The current content displayed here is intended to provide people that love God, America and our Constitution with enough information to give them something to work with in helping me bring this painting to the American people and the world. America needs the very best passionate gifted believers to rise to this occasion A.S.A.P. Those of you with God given gifts such as writers, editors, producers, directors,

screen writers, web developers and potential supporters please remember what

President John F. Kennedy once said:

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

America has already done so very much for all of us.

One other thing,  this is not intended to be viewed of cell phones. For those being directed to this site, I strongly encourage to use head phones, and view this on a large monitor with the audio set to a comfortable level as you study the content. 

Video concept. Music playing. People of all walks of life shown opening box, package etc. Image comes to life in the hands  or as they place them framed on desks, mantels and walls according to size. Ending shot, the White House.

There are already hundreds, if not a thousand or more hanging in Government buildings, Banks,

Corporate  Public and Private lobbies, Law enforcement and many homes.

This is still only a small fraction of less than 1%.

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A New Burst of Freedom

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Patrick Henry - Give me Liberty


The above image, when completed as an oil painting, will replace the

first original painting that was once in The White House. After officially learning

last year that it was moved to a museum several years ago, I realized that another

original painting must be painted. America and the world need it and its message

now more than ever. When completed, I expect it to be delivered to:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, The White House. 

 However, rather than this painting being from an artist to a President, I'm painting

it on behalf of all patriotic Americans that proudly and unashamedly 

believe in God, The United States of America and 'our' Constitution.

This new version of the painting will be accompanied by at 'least two' enduring archival 

linen canvas documents that will 're-affirm' the original intent of what our Founders penned and risked all their possessions for and even certain death by signing their names to it. For those people today, whomever or wherever they are, those that still long to be free, those that do not or will not hide 'The Light of Truth' under a basket, but like Lady Liberty boldly and graciously hold their torch high as she does, may God guide their steps,

protect and bless them and then in turn, also bless America!

When I complete the first linen document(s) now on my easel, apart from the painting,

I will sign it. Not as an artist, but as boldly as John Hancock had done as a patriot. I truly believe that, being America's duly elected President and Leader of the free world, 

President Donald J. Trump will be every bit as willing and courageous as

America's Founders in adding his signature by signing this document.

In these times, times that once again will ''try men's souls", we cannot be certain what another President would have done or will ever do if presented with this same opportunity to accept and boldly place their signature prominently on such a document.

I do believe regardless of consequences that there are a number people with courage,

passion and desire that are willing to join me. Supporting this will be a timely once in a lifetime, historical undertaking.

Regardless of consequences or final outcome, if I'm the only one to sign it,

I will not be discouraged, I will  have done what I was to do.

I believe that our President will accept the painting along with its imparted blessings and prayers as the 'leader of the free world' from his supporters. Hopefully, reproductions, regardless of how large or small will become common place just as Archibald Willard's painting, 'Spirit of 76' once were not long ago all across America.






  PART TWO    

The first original Bound to Glory painting was accepted by President George W. Bush

in 2001. However, It was moved to the George W. Bush Presidential Library (museum section), Dallas, Texas.

This new painting is being painted completely with oils. It measures 48" X 77 11/16". 

The first original, a mixed media 30" X 40" painting, was unplanned. It was painted with rejected exterior house paint, discarded brushes, old moldy canvas that was stretched over used PT 2 X 's. It was then framed with a ten dollar garage sale frame. We were to shocked to watch as the paint changed color before our eyes. Images later appeared on the canvas that changed the course of the painting. Before being complete, my spirit received a message. It is not to be sold. It is meant for a Presidents eyes to see. It will hang in the White House. So certain by what had happened, I told everyone.  Even though I quit my new job as a crane operator to paint 'something' and was out of money  and unemployed, I turned down a $5,000.00 offer to sell it. Rather than go into the White House as kept telling everyone, it went directly into a small 7' darkened back room of 30' vintage travel trailer. Almost, but not quite forgotten,

in God's perfect timing it went directly to The White House, just as I heard in 1998!  

 Now 22 years later, America has had what many believe is a reprieve form the steady decline and turning away from the core principles that our country was founded upon.

As a people, many do not realize that 'Inalienable Rights' are rights that government cannot violate under any circumstances. They are stated in our constitution. If do not understand this because of intentional false teaching or willful ignorance, or to fail 

to diligently maintain them, we may lose them. There are forces among us trying to 

prevail in constant a spiritual battle between good and evil. 

Additional information and content may soon follow.

Kern Baxter

I will not go into the full story about how the painting came to exist right now. That

documented true story as been on TV, radio and news papers and will be covered later. 

After reading the story in the newspaper, I received a call from the office of Florida House Member, later to become Florida's Lt. Governor, Jeff Kottkamp. He had requested a personal meeting with me. During the meeting, he asked me if I had any plans for the painting. Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I recently discovered what it was. Now that the painting made it to the White House, it was to go to Americas leaders. These being both our elected official's A.K.A. Politicians and Pastors. "first to the leaders and then to the people".

Ultimately, I understood this to be to all members of the three branches of Government. 

The Executive Branch being the President. The Legislative Branch being The House and Senate and the Judicial Branch. This would include State and Local levels as well as 

School Board members that we vote for.

To my amazement, Representative Kottkamp said, "If that's what needs to be done,

you can start with me". With that commitment, on the first opening day of session in January 2002, we showed up at the State Capital with 120 framed Bound to Glory prints including the Inspired message. They were delivered and accepted by all. The following year, Florida Senator Bert Saunders  arranged for us to present the full Florida Senate with

Bound to Glory framed prints. All went as planned. Everything we did was self funded including travel and cost of materials and prints. I was a crane operator by profession and that was a great job when you were working. However, if you were not willing to travel with the company to the next job, that would often be in another state or country, you would be laid off. Having a wife and two small children made this impractical. It did freed up my time for the Bound to Glory work, but the funds would quickly run low.  In 2004, our house was hit directly by Hurricane Charley. It was category 4 storm. The house was damaged and that put a damper on things, but not before having accomplished the main objective. As often prophesied, the painting reached the White House. In addition to this up to as many as two thousand reproductions, ranging from prints to embellished canvases were distributed. Recipients ranged from the dis-advantaged, to retired Veterans, active military, Generals, Law enforcement at all levels, City Mayors, Pastors of all levels, sitting 

U.S. Governors, Four sitting Heads-of-State Presidents as well as top business leaders and every bit as, if not more so, regular common sense people from around the world. Before wrapping up with Part Three, I should mention something else that is important.

Just before September 11, 2001,  I suddenly had what I'll describe as a very strong

and clear 'deep thought', for lack of a better description. It came form out of nowhere.

It had nothing to do with what I was busy doing or thinking about. Regarding the painting,

"It is to go first to the leaders and then to the people".  

It was so clear that I stopped what I was doing to talk to a friend about what happened

that was working in a room nearby. He was a Christian.  Not long after the experience,

a sudden urgency developed to quickly get things in order. None of which would make any sense until afterward, little things, things that added up. The main thing though was having Bound to Glory prints made. It was three years sense it was painted back in 1998. I always wanted to have prints made , but having a large print run could cost thousands back then.

Never the less, things started to happen. I didn't know it, but I was up against an unseen deadline. I was put things together partially on faith to the point where material was ordered and delivered to the printer. The last thing the printed needed was to drop off the image file of the disk with my approval and a deposit by first thing Monday morning. The was September 10, 2001. I had a Pastor with me that needed to be in New York City the

following day. I was dropping of at a bus started over a large bridge missing turn to deliver the disk. Realizing that I missed my turn, I said I can do it tomorrow. I quickly changed my mind and actually turned around on the bridge. The disk was delivered. I gave the printer the go ahead. The print job would take place tomorrow. The next morning as I watched America being attacked, the Bound to Glory prints were on the press being run. 

The next day, I received a call from the printer. The prints were ready to be picked up.

When I arrived e few days later, the representative made me an fantastic offer. Realizing that I wasn't in a position to take advantage of the opportunity of the unbelievable timing, the company was willing to fund and market it to America for me. They had the ability to immediately produce one hundred thousand (100,000) prints per day. For those of us that remember, all churches were filled, daily. Bibles, Flags and anything with a Eagle on it flew off store shelves. While everyone were  trying to jump on the band wagon and cash in on the shortage because of the demand, Bound to Glory had them all, right on time. 

Without hesitation, I politely thanked the person, but declined the generous offer. *

At that moment, the first thing that came to mind was,

"First to the Leaders...and the People"

"I" could have been rich, but at what cost to America in the long run?

To flood the market with millions through mass merchandising would have possibly cheapened it. One of my responsibilities as steward of the painting was and still to

maintain the respect and integrity of the painting, its message and mission.

In retrospect, I and many others believe this is why doors opened up to me or should I say the painting, in ways that just don't happen, even for high level politicians and major news companies that I'll explain later.

There had been about 2,000 reproductions overall. Shortly after 9-11, there was an local auction in Cape Coral, Florida for the Firefighters in New York City. I decided to donate one of the my first paper Bound to  Glory prints. It brought in the single item. The winning bid was $1,720.00.

After that, I also made them available for many fund raisers and non-profit organizations in various formats. Some prints were on canvas. Others would be over painted on selected parts by me. This made each one technically unique. The price ranged

from $50 to as high as $5,000.00. When I would meet with Governors, or Presidents or any other recipient I met with to receive a Bound to Glory, it would always be a gift on my part. Eventually, because of being as generous as I could be with these reproductions plus the added expense of travel, it didn't take to long to run short of operating funds. This plus the Hurricane Charley ended the first phase of what Bound to Glory was created for. I had always believed that there would be more, much more for Bound to Glory and America.

I didn't know when that would be until the morning of May 7, 2015.

This time, rather than try to everything mostly myself, I have developed an idea that can work for many people and organizations.

That can be discussed at a latter date.



PART THREE-wrap up

For the sake of time, I will  jump ahead here.


The painting needs to be completed so I need to focus on that. Our country

are in a Spiritual War. You may or not agree with me, but if we as a country do not acknowledge or allow for this we will suffer the consequences. There was and still is a reason God had me place that ticking gold watch on the cornerstone of Americas foundation. This painting was not a piece of 'art by committee'. God had His Hand on it.

He deserves all of the Glory.

I just showed up. 

*Just to be clear, I am a Capitalist. I am anti-Socialist, anti-Communist, anti-Marxist

The leader of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, once said,

"The goal of Socialism is Communism."  

Marxism / Socialism / Communism are all rooted in Anti-God atheism. 

These are all anti-Liberty, anti-Freedom and anti-American. 


'Spirit of 76' story link

Our Inspired National Anthem

The Tee Shirt That's Suitable For Framing Or Wearing 

A New Burst of Freedom


After being presented with a special reproduction print of Bound to Glory,

on behalf of my home State of Ohio, sitting Governor Bob Taft presented me

with an official proclamation that included this statement.

"The piece brings the beauty of Faith and Freedom

together and should be shared with many" 

Ohio Governor Bob Taft

November 5, 2003