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   America's all-out spiritual war.
   Patriots, ranging from well-funded large 'organizations' down to  'individual' citizens have shown up on the front lines of the battle to do everything they can to expose the Main Stream Media and some politicians whos purpose is to 'destroy our Constitution'. Most online patriots have already been finically demonetized and need all the support they can get. America has allowed moral standards to spiral downward by allowing things to go unchecked for far too long.
   The first part of the mission of Bound to Glory,
it was largely a learning phase for me. It was necessary
that I gain the first-hand experience of how people think
and why. From homeless person to Presidents setting in
a Presidential Palace office and almost every level in
between. I must say, it was such an honor to be able to
have been chosen to do this at all levels.
   There were around 2,000 Bound to Glory's produced.
They included prints, framed and unframed. Canvases
in open and limited edition series. Prices ranged from
$20 at times for a small unsigned print to as high as
$5,000.00 for embellished canvas reproductions.
Canvases were made available through ministries and
fundraisers and when presented to Heads of State.
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