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   The timeline of events shown here is not listed in exact order. The painting was painted in 1998 and remained dormant until 2001.

   In early Feb. 2001. A set of events started to unfold that caused the only canvas 'reproduction' of Bound to Glory to end up in the hands of the then Governor, Jeb Bush.

   That was the key event that caused the

original painting to end up in the White House as prophesied three years earlier.

It doesn't get any better than having our  Presidents brother, my Governor, open

the door for you does it? Actually, God did

it, just as He said He would all along.


Frontpage of August 8, 2001, Cape Coral,

Daily Breeze newspaper 

Kern and Janet Baxter holding thank you letters from Governor Jeb Bush and President George W. Bush

   To the right and below are a few articles, letters, and photos that document a small part of the Bound to Glory story.

   It began in September 1998 while on my way to a new job as a crane operator, my main profession. While en route to this much needed high paying job, three things happened that convinced me I was to turn the job down. All I had to go on was that I was supposed to 'be painting'! So, on faith alone and with on money, I quit.

   Within a few days of starting a painting with, old moldy canvas and house paint,

the only materials I could find, I was amazed to watch as it seemed to take on a life of its own, so that I wouldn't try to control it. 

   At that point, as sure as anything I was instructed not to sell it. It was "meant for a President's eyes to see" and that it would "hang in the White House". 

   I was so certain about it, I told everyone. Even as it hung all alone in the dark back room of an old vintage travel trailer.

   Just as our Lord had told me, it did just that. It is now being preserved under controlled conditions in the Museum section of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Dallas, Texas. 

A 'print run' was planned in advance to be printed on 9-11-2001.  Above is one of them. 

This was donated for an NYFD fundraiser.

It brought in the highest bid of the auction

at: $1,720.00.

Below are personal

meetings with:


Governor Jeb Bush


Governor Bob Taft


Governor Bob Riley


Personal Invationtation to meet

privately and present sitting

Ecuadorian President

Lucio Gutierrez with a

Bound to Glory.

Office Presidential Palace

Quito, Ecuador