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Below are two concepts I had for presenting President Donald Trump
with an original Bound to Glory, two actual painting versions are shown here.
However, this will require a team effort, time and capital. It's still doable if an
organization or individual with the means and desire suddenly appeared.
Meanwhile, I have begun working on the actual painting.
WEB Site Presentation.jpg
Presentation version one
Presentation version two
The following is a small part of the story.
As an unemployed crane operator in 1998, I was hired to build a large new arena.
However, I quit as soon as I arrived at the job after I suddenly became convinced the Lord wanted me to 'paint' something, even though I had no idea of what it would be until after I quit. 
The only materials I had were old moldy canvas, rejected Home Depot house paint and a $10 garage sale frame. These were what I used to paint an 'Eagle' portrait that soon turned into
something completely different. The next day, in a clear yet un-explainable way, 
the Lord informed me not to sell it as it was nearing completion.
"It's meant for a Presidents eyes to see. It will hang in the White House". 
Afterward, it would include a message ending with a subtle warning in the form of a small gold watch. Some people had a problem with that. Apparently, they felt that America', of which they are part of,  is exempt from any form of judgement or consequences for committing the very same sins that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for doing.
   Although I painted it, I take very little credit for the painting. The whole canvas went from bright blue paint, as seen it the picture below, to nearly black in a few minutes. Later that evening, an image of  President George Washington appeared. That little gold watch was part of the package. My job was to paint the painting, its everyone's individual choice to believe whatever they choose to believe. I'm to paint it and do the best that I can to share it and leave the rest to God and those that become aware of it.
Rather than go into the White House, it hung in the darken back room of a vintage travel trailer, in God's perfect timing, it miraculously went to the White House in 2001. Then for some unknown reason to me at the time, a sudden urge to set up the first print run developed.
On the very last day, an unknown deadline had been met when I gave the printer the final go ahead. The following day as prints were on the press, 
America's New York World Trade Center was attacked.
That day was September 11, 2001. A.K.A. 9-11. 
According to the original purpose I received,  the painting was supposed to be in
the White House for 'President's eye's to see'. I'm certain of that, but it's now in the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Museum section, Dallas, Texas. Oddly enough, it once again ended up being in a dark room. According to the Museum Technician, I received a very kind email, with pictures of the painting that read in part: "It is being preserved in the climate controlled artifact storage area".  I suspect this is in part because of  how and what is was made of. For ten years, I imagined it being carted off to the same government storage warehouse shown in the final scene of the Indians Jones  movie 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.  It would have been in good company if that were true. However it was removed before President Obama moved into the White House.
 I believe that when a person, in this case a President stands face to face with the painting, there can be more going on than most people would suspect. There is often an unseen element that can be very powerful. Weather its message is received or rejected, that is between the person and God. It is not for me to judge.
Over the years, most high ranking recipients, including those holding the most powerful office positions on earth, have received and accepted reproductions. Some believed it was because of how well they are respected and appreciated for doing such a 'good job'. Much of the time, this is true, however, there have been times when that was not the case.   
 As the leader of  'the free world'  as my generation used to say, I  believe that America's duly elected  President,  Donald J. Trump, deserves and will accept not just a reproduction, but an especially special original made for him, painted by me, with the inspiration from God on behalf of Americans and those longing to be Americans at least in ideals and spirit the world over. I intend to present, or have it presented to the President during this term of office.
People the world over, believe that we are in a spiritual battle and  see American as the last bastion of hope for the world.
This painting when finished will measure  48" X 77 3/4" and include the below text. As boldly
as 'John Hancock'  had signed the original Declaration of Independence,  so will I.
I may reserve a space for our President to sign his name. I will  also provide for others to do the same on this or an additional archival canvas panel. With God's blessings, they may become 
historical pieces of history if we now rise to the occasion when our duly elected President, our  Country and the world need us most.
Being that we are a Spiritual war, this painting will carry with it, my prayers,
blessings and what I believe will be an anointment from our Lord. 
Those in agreement are welcome to join me.
Kern Baxter name.jpg
Actual tee shirt image.jpg
The picture you see inside of the gold frame is an actual tee shirt that I personally signed.
The near photo quality image is only able to be achieved with a direct heat applied transfer.
Image three
For those us, myself included, that sometimes find ourselves skipping
across the water like a flat stone, there's a lot more going on deep below the surface.
The version below symbolically portrays patriotic and spiritual entanglement representing battles between Good and Evil, Capitalism vs Marxism, Freedom vs Bondage.
Image four
Mosaic clock parts.jpg
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