Image one
The concept for presenting the painting to
President Donald J. Trump
Above is a visual concept that I have for presenting our
President, Donald J. Trump, with his own New Original Bound to Glory painting. 
Accepting it will be good for him as President and good for America as a Nation!
Just as Archibald Willard, artist of Americas 'Spirit of '76' painting, had painted up to
26 originals in various sizes and formats, so will I.
Incidentally, we both were from Lorain County, Ohio. Coincidence? 
Why am I doing this?
As an artist, I've had direct experience demonstrating to me that a power or force
can reside or dwell within a two-dimensional image. As an American artist,
I'm free to create images or works that do more than serve as an anchor point or a
balance to postmodernism art that took root during the 1970s'. It's my conviction and
desire to create works that are filled with hope, uplifting and inspirational.
Works by anyone of us, be it writing, musically, visual or by any other means,
should stand spiritually, not only toe to toe with but above and beyond all deviant
forces that have attached themselves to our country and our souls.
Philippians 4:8
That is why I do this!
Back to the painting
The final design (image)  will not be known, even by me, until completed. 
If enough of us decide to support it, the above could become a reality
sooner rather than later. For all that our President has done for America, he deserves it!
It doesn't matter that the first original Bound to Glory painting was once in the White House
or how it got there, it is not there anymore. It has been moved to the George W. Bush Library,
(Museum Section)in Dallas, Texas before President Obama took office. 
                         It was created because of divine intervention and meant for, 'Presidents eyes to see'.
                   If you're skeptical, so was everyone else at the time, especially after finding out that
                   it was painted using old moldy canvas, rejected Home Depot house paint, brushes and
                    then framed with a $10 garage sale frame.
                                                        NOTE: The actual paint and brushes are seen here to the left.
                                                                   At times, it seemed to almost paint itself. I had no idea that it                                                                      was being made for Presidents. I didn't get that indication until it                    was nearly complete the following day. At that point, I became 'very careful', but it was to                  late to change even if I wanted too.  For the critics out there, I chose not to make any                          'corrections' because of the way everything happened, otherwise I certainly would have                      done so. I'm now certain I was correct because it did make it into the White House as                          prophesied.
The backdrop above could conceivably consist of a mosaic made up of 225
individual original 24" X 32" paintings, time allowing, before the 2020 election. Otherwise,
it could be completed during his second term 'assuming' we all do what needs to be done!
Another option will be to produce a large one-piece transportable 'vinyl type canvas'
for either an indoor or outdoor display.
Its visual message serves as an anchor point to our constitution our nation and our faith.
Currently, I'm in the early stages of painting the next 30" X 40" original painting for
President Donal J. Trump.  I'm doing this myself.
As a line in a song once said: 
" We have a long way to go and a short time to get there, We're
going to do what they say can't be done"
If you would like to join me in my personal effort to save our country,
preserve our constitution, our Freedom's and our Faith, you are welcome to do so.
Editing still in progress....
Image two
Image three
For those us, myself included, that sometimes find ourselves skipping
across the water like a flat stone, there's a lot more going on deep below the surface.
The version below symbolically portrays patriotic and spiritual entanglement representing battles between Good and Evil, Capitalism vs Marxism, Freedom vs Bondage.
Image four
Image five
Image six

Above, this framed canvas is 'extra special' because it has been painted over several times. This was the third layered version of Bound to Glory.  In an ongoing process, there has been one painted over that. However, each of them has been saved as separate high-resolution digital files.  

 Canvas measures 24" X 32".

How would you like to own it? 

Interested? Keep reading.


Image seven

       When not working on the painting, I've decided

to offer something that is as American as 'apple pie'. 

The classic  'American Tee Shirt'.

If we do our part now, in the future they may be

collector items, symbolic of our country's fight against

'Socialism, aka, Marxism' according to Lenin. 

For those of you that would like to join me in this

undertaking and have something quickly tangible to show

for it as well, please consider the following.

Editing still underway.
Note to me:
Remember the idea for a screenplay

       While I do plan to offer a traditional screen-printed T-shirt, to achieve the photorealistic look as seen in the gold frame

pictured above, a different slower process is required. It will also allow the design to be personally signed or numbered or both. 


Image eight